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Professional sky diving started in Pokhara

Professional sky diving has been started in Pokhara since Saturday. Sky diving has been started by Aviya club through Ultra light aircraft which carries tourists for sightseeing of mountains and other views of Pokhara.

Sky diving has been introduced since many tourists want adventure. Those tourist who like “Free Fall” will obviously try Sky diving.

Sky diving is to throw yourself from aircraft at high distance wearing some special kind of suit. After flying some time in sky, people will come down to earth through the use of parasuit. It is consider as one of adventurous and couragious sport.

When people will throw themselves from Ultra light aircraft at the attitude of 8,000 to 10,000 above sea level, one can experience the wonderful view of gorgeous mountains, lakes and other surroundings of Pokhara along with the experience of flying.

Those who have taken sole license of Paragliding can experience Sky diving. To experience this sport, one need to pay NRs. 25,000 and to get the license one need to spend $56.

Pokhara has been identified with courageous sports like Zip Flyer, Paragliding, Ultra light and  now it will also recognized with Sky diving.