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Chinese man constipated for 22 years, has 13kg of poop inside his body

A man suffered constipation since birth has removed nearly 13kg of faecal matter from his intestine by doctors in China.

This man whose name is not disclosed was suffering from a rare congenital disease known as Hirschsprung. The condition, which is usually diagnosed in newborns, causes difficulty in passing bowel because of missing nerve cells in the colon. Chronic constipation leads to pile up of waste, creating what is known as a ‘megacolon’.

If this disease is not treated early, a person can develop sepsis – a potentially life-threatening complication in which toxins get mixed with the bloodstream.

However, this man’s checkup was delayed until adulthood as his parents considered it a ‘small ailment’, the media reported.


The man’s colon had swollen so much that he looked more than nine months pregnant, according to Doctor Yin Lu of Tenth People’s Hospital in Shanghai. His surgery was performed on June 8.

Doctors removed a 30-inch long section of his colon filled with 13kg of faeces after the three-hour-long surgery. They said the man was taking laxatives, which provided only minor relief.

Dr Lu has suggested parents not to neglect if a child is suffering from constipation, according to Asia One.