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Couple call police to save from their own pet’s attack


Do you feel insecure or threaten by your own pet? You love and take care of your pet and in return, sometime you don’t get the same.

A couple in Wisconsin called police after they were “held hostage” it their home, bye their own pet cat.

Apparently the feline’s wild behaviour became too much for its owners to handle and the woman, from Greenfield, Milwaukee, called in the emergency services to deal with her rampant pet.

The cat had a pretty serious meltdown, completely losing its shit and turning on its owners – prompting the 911 call.

“This is gonna sound like a strange question, but we have a cat and it’s going crazy and it’s attacked my husband and we’re kind of hostage in our house.

And we’re just wondering who we should call to do something, get rid of the cat or help us?” said by wife.

After the call, police arrived and controlled the crazy cat and taken to Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission.

According to the Daily Mail, it seems strange but this was not the first time someone has called the police on their pet.

In 2014, a family in Portland called for help after their 22lb Himalayan cat cornered them (and their dog) in their bedroom and scratched their baby.

And just last year a man in West Yorkshire, UK, called police who wants to press charges against his girlfriend and her cat after they ate his bacon. But his charges were unsuccessful as the operator informed him that the case was not criminal offence and they can’t arrest a cat for eating his bacon.