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Doctors shocked to discorver unique blood type


What is your blood group? Obviously one from A, B, O or AB. But doctors have discovered a man with a very rare blood type in a Blood Camp.

This man’s blood type doesn’t belong any of the known blood groups. Some blogs are calling it “alien blood”.

But this blood group of the man has been official named as INRA, which means “IN” for India where the blood type was discovered and “RA” for the man’s initials.

This mysterious man attended a blood-letting activity at Lok Samparn Raktdan laboratory in Surat, Gujarat in India. Medical professionals at the laboratory were shocked because they could not place his blood type with any of the known types no matter how many times they tested. Howeve, this man’s identity has been withheld for privacy and safety reasons.

The laboratory had to send the man’s blood samples to the WHO (World Health Organization), the agency confirmed that the man’s blood type does not belong to groups A, B, O, or even the rare type AB.

Sad part is due to his rare blood type, he won’t be able to donate or receive blood from anyone. So, in future if he needs blood then he would likely die if he can’t store his own blood in the blood bank or find someone else with the same blood type.

In medical terms, people with this rare blood groups are called as “Coltal”. The person with INRA Blood group can’t donate and can’t receive blood from people with any other blood groups. And there are only 7 people in the world whose blood samples are not matching with any other blood group. Doctors are conducting blood test on donors relative to know its origin.

India also had a history of one more rare blood group “Bombay blood group” discovered in the year 1952 by Dr. Y.M. Bhende. Bombay blood group persons are only one out of every 10000 people.