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First naked resturant in London


The first every naked restaurant in London, Bunyadi has opened in a quiet corner of central London that encourages customers to disrobe while enjoying a “natural” dining experience. The food is also served by naked staffs.

Bunyadi has made headlines in recent weeks by attracting 46,000 people to its waiting list for a three-month pop-up run over the summer.

It’s discreetly located in a converted street-corner pub with blacked-out windows a few quiet streets away from London’s highest skyscraper, The Shard.

The front door leads into a small bar area, which looks pretty standard until folks start emerging from the changing rooms wearing hotel-style bathrobes.

When tables are ready and guests have had the requisite number of freshly mixed looseners, they’re then guided into the main dining area. At first it’s disorientating.

It’s impossible not to surreptitiously double-take at the topless waitress leading the way through the candlelit maze of bamboo screens that almost shield diners from heavy scrutiny.

The restaurant staffs wear only skimpy briefs adorned with a few strands of fake vine leaves as they deliver food and drink to the tables.

The restaurant has a strict no cameras or cellphones policy, partly to protect the privacy of those disrobing within, but also in line with its back-to-basics natural feel.

Bunyadi’s designer and manager, Ignacio Jimenez Blanco, says about 80% of diners have gotten naked during trial runs (it’s totally optional).

The food is mostly raw, natural and seasonal in keeping with the restaurant’s naked theme. It is delivered in earthenware bowls and eaten using edible cutlery.

There’s an English garden soup paired with pickled apple and salted cucumber for starters followed by salmon and seaweed salad.

The five-course menu costs about $100 without drinks but including the gown and slippers.