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Girlfriend died after kissing her boyfriend


Can you believe someone can die of kissing? Yes, but a young girl of 20-years-old died after kissing her boyfriend.

Myriam Ducré-Lemay, 20 was at a party in Montreal with her new boyfriend in October 2012. As the relationship was new, she didn’t have time to tell her boyfriend of her allergies.

After the party, the couple went back to the boyfriend’s house. Her boyfriend ate a peanut butter sandwich and then then burshed his teeth as she was getting ready for bed.

Just after few minutes of kissing, Ms Ducré-Lemay was suffering from shortness of breath.

According to the coroner’s report in 2014, her asthma inhaler did not work, and she asked her boyfriend if he had eaten peanuts. She didn’t have her EpiPen, which is used for emergency treatment of anaphylaxis, and her state rapidly deteriorated.

Then her boyfriend made the call and the ambulance arrived within eight minutes. Besides all efforts, she died from a severe cerebral anoxia, where the brain is deprived of oxygen.

According to the mother of Myriam, she always had a normal life as she normally had her EpiPen. Everyone knew her situation.

She warned others to always carry a Medic Alert bracelet, which can indicate to others that the wearer has allergies, as well as an EpiPen. Both devices could have saved her daughter’s life.

Boyfriend of Myriam is saddend by the tragic death of his girlfriend by just a kiss.