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A young enthusiast woman named Rasma Dongol, 30 was diagnosed with second bout of cancer on June 2015.

Earlier, she had survived Stomach Cancer (Ca Stomach, stage III C) in 2013. She is a brave fighter and possesses a never-give-up attitude. Even at this difficult time she hasn’t forgotten to smile and is ever hopeful that she will overcome this deadly disease with your support.

Rasma and her family is suffering financial crisis as huge amount of money has already been spend on her previous treatments.

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Medical History of Rasma

In March 2011, she showed the first symptom where she vomited blood, a condition known as “hematemesis”. At that time, the doctors in Nepal diagnosed her disease as “bleeding ulcer”. She was under continuous follow-up treatments with the same doctors for about two years. She used to have recurring problems of blood vomiting every 6 months

In June 2013, when she again suffered from the same problem, Dr. Jitendra Shrestha (Rasma’s doctor in Nepal) gave up on her treatment and asked to consult other doctors. But by that time, it was too late. The other doctors diagnosed Rasma’s disease as cancer, which the previous doctors had failed to do.

As soon as she was diagnosed with cancer, our well wisher suggested us to visit Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center (RGCIRC), in Delhi, a specialized hospital in Cancer treatment. In RGCIRC, doctors performed various tests such as CT scan review, PET-Scan, Blood tests and other tests.

On 25th June 2013, she had a surgery under Dr. Shivendra Singh where the doctors did near total gastronomy and about 80% of her stomach was removed. After surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy were planned. She went through six cycles of chemotherapy, but the doctors avoided radiotherapy as she had an intestine obstruction after first chemo.

Rasma completed the whole treatment in RGCIRC which lasted about seven months. Initially, the doctors had said it will be completed within 4-5 months. But she had lot of complications in between chemotherapy cycles so it took much longer than expected. After completion of chemotherapy treatment, doctors scheduled follow-ups every three months.

Everything was going well until few months back, when she started having difficulty in swallowing food. During fifth follow-up, this matter was discussed with doctors and various tests were performed but the reports were all normal.

Her sixth follow-up was scheduled for 17th June 2015. By this time, she was having difficulty in swallowing water. She again went through tests like endoscopy, CT Scan, CT Chest and endoscopy Biopsy. The biopsy report showed that she has a cancer relapse and required immediate treatment.

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Get well soon Rasma