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Know characteristics and behaviour depending upon blood type


There are four types of blood types and they are A, B, AB, O. Blood type is one unique thing, that is created itself while we are still in womb. With medical boon, we can change our nose, eye lids and many more facial structure. But blood type is the only thing we can’t never change in our life.

All people are different and so the blood type and their characteristics. Now know your behaviour and characteristic according to your blood type.

Blood Group A


Blood Group B


Blood Group AB


Blood Group O

People with A and B blood type should not mix because according to the RH factor, RH+ and RH- should not be mixed. Because of this, there are many states that require couples to do a blood test before they get married.

For your information(Blood type compatibility)


People with type O negative blood are often called universal donors because they can give blood to any other blood group. People with type AB positive blood are called universal recipients because they can receive blood from any other blood group.