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Lost dog return home with help of Facebook

Rylee, a 10-month-old Belgian Malinois dog, accidentally felt off from the family boat. After falling, poor creature swim a whopping six miles through Lake Michigan and was rescued nearly after 24 hours.

Incident happened as dog’s owners, Kristin and Ed Casas, were fixing an electrical problem on their vessel and the couple realized that Rylee was missing. Then they quickly made a “dog overboard” announcement, but Rylee was not found.

But the couple found an ally in Lynn Fiedor, who runs the Facebook page Lost Dog Search Team. Even though Rylee was out of their usual range, Fiedor made a post asking for clues about the pup’s whereabouts.

From there, the search expanded considerably. “We ended up having over 20,000 people look at our post online and when I saw that I was like … we’re going to find the dog,” Lynn told Up North Live.

Sure enough, Rylee was soon spotted by a local boater, then scooped up within a few hours at a nearby campground.

Since she’d gone missing, the resilient dog had swum six miles and walked up to 12.

And now she is home.