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Love is blind- 37 year-old woman to marry 102 year-old man

Johannesburg – A woman of 37-year-old is going to marry a 65-year-old man. Yes , its reality. Love is blind and people around the world proves it time and again.

Japan Mfeka,102 met his girlfriend, Nhlanhla Nkosi, in 2006. And according to Japan it was love at first sight.

“I plan to be with her until I die,” said Japan Mfeka from Thokoza, in Ekurhuleni. I’m planning to send my family to her family for marriage negotiations.”

“People tell me I can’t afford a young woman like this but we have been together since she was 23 and life has been sweet!” he said.

Japan, a father of four children, said he isn’t worried about the criticism from his family or the people in the township.

“No one can separate two people who are in love. She loves me. Every time I call her to help me at my house with my cooking and washing, she gladly does everything,” said Japan.

He said their love is rock solid. “I care for her and I perform in bed. I feel like a teenager when I’m with her,” he said.

He showed Daily Sun his secret herb mixture. “Many people think when you reach a certain age you can’t satisfy your lover, but me, I’m still strong!”

Nhlanhla was not prepared to discuss her life before she met Japan. “I feel as if I have been with him forever. He looks after me so well,” she said.

“He does not play with women and then dump them. I will be very happy if he pays bride price.”

Nonhlanhla said her family didn’t approve of their relationship and had told her to leave her old man.

Mfeka’s relative, Fana Mtolo, said his family had also tried to stop the relationship.

“We even chased her away from visiting Japan but they still continued their relationship. Japan made his choice and no one could stop him so we ended up accepting them,” said Fana. – Daily Sun