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Marriage of robots in Japan


There is no strange in wedding. All humans in every part of world marry. But in Japan, one marriage reception took everyone’s attention.

As it was a marriage of two robots. Yes! you heard it right.

On Saturday, robot groom Frois and robot bride Roborin were married. In a ceremony officiated by the emotional humanoid robot Pepper, the two formalized things and even shared a kiss, the Daily Mail reported.

The wedding was organized by Maywa Denki, an art collective conceived by two brothers, Masamichi and Novmichi, according to the company biography, that make nonsense machines and even musical instruments.

The bride, Roborin, was created by robot inventor Todo Takayuki, and has a face apparently modelled after the star of Japanese girl group AKB48, Yuki Kashiwagi. Frois was created by Maywa Denki and is described as having “bath chair of the head,” or so says Google Translate.


The event and buffet was attended by 100 lucky guests, who paid 10,000 yen (US$81.31) for the privilege.

While this may be one of the first robot-to-robot unions, robots have been participating in human weddings for a while now.

In 2007, a robot named Tiro introduced a South Korean couple to guests at their wedding, and in 2010, Japanese couple Tomohiro Shibata and Satoko Inouye were married by a four-foot tall robot, I-Fairy.