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Monsanto Seeds harmful for health


Chaudhary Seeds and Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd is going to import Monsanto’s Hybrid Maize seeds to distribute in Nepali market.

Well why this is a concern?

As Monsanto is a very known name in the field of Genetically Modified Seeds. Monsanto is also known as a company barred in many countries.

Hybrid Seeds Realities:

As hybrid seeds doesn’t give fertilized seeds, the farmers will have to buy seeds for every planting.

Not all kind of soil is suitable for Hybrid Seeds. Chaudhary Group hasn’t also mentioned if they have carried any test on soil from various region of Nepal specifically for Monsanto.

There was a protest in Haiti when Monsanto donated Hybrid Seeds as an Earthquake relief. According to them, hybrid seeds are coated with banned pesticides which can even harm the handlers.

Monsanto denied to pay compensation in Andhra Pradesh in India, when Monsanto BT cotton failed to yield. Many farmers killed themselves. BT cotton was Genetically Modified but as the quality control in imported goods not implemented strictly in Nepal, it can’t be sure that GM seeds won’t enter to Nepali market.

As Monsanto bring a lot of insecurities to the country along with the seeds, there has been an initiation to reconsider their decision in this case. Click here to raise your voice.