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Shesh Ghale is listed in 200 richests in Australia


Shesh Ghale, 56 a Nepal born entrepreneur has made it again this year by listing in Australian BRW amongst the Australia’s wealthiest 200 people in 2014.

This is the fourth time Ghale has been listed in the Australian BRW’s 200 wealthiest Australian.

Similarly, his wife Jamuna Gurung has also secured 11th position in the most richest women of Australia with the property worth $105 million.

Ghale and Gurung who worth AUD $ 255 Million in 2012 had increased their wealth and fortune in 2013 to AUD $265 Million (combined with Jamuna Gurung)gaining the place of 180th Richest Australian. Similarly, this year he is ranked 166th position climbing up then last year as  published by BRW Magazine.

Jamuna Gurung and Shesh Ghale came to Australia as business studies students in the early 1990s. They jointly made the BRW Rich 200 for the first time last year, with a combined wealth of $265 million from commercial property investments, private education college Melbourne Institute of Technology and a hotel development in Kathmandu.

Mr Ghale from Lamjung District in Western Nepal, is the CEO of MIT(Melbourne Institute of Technology) University, whereas Mrs Jamuna Gurung is Managing director of the Melbourne Institute of Technology and Co-owner of several commercial properties.

They established MIT University at Melbourne in the year 1996 after they arrived from Nepal. Since then MIT University has been offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses mainly in IT and Accounting. It has grown up to 3,000 students at Melbourne University and Sydney Branch University.

Australian BRW’s 200 wealthiest Australian was topped by Gina Rinahart with the property worth $29,170.