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BJP MLC from Jammu calls for ban on momos in India

Momo is one of the famous dish in the world. People are crazy for momos everywhere. Ramesh Arora, a BJP MLC in Jammu and Kashmir, had call to ban momos. As according to him this Chinese food is “destroying the Indian food culture”, and is on a mission to remove such items from India’s foodscape. And for Arora, it’s all starting with the humble momo.

As Arora believes that the dumplings are symbolic of all Chinese dishes consumed by Indians and is detrimental to people’s health. Talking to he said, “These foods contain ajinomoto, a tastemaker that is added in these foods, which in turn makes them addictive.”

But his call for a ban on momo did not go down well with people as people are calling it “idiotic” decision.