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Review of Loot: On my way

I still remember the people everywhere talking about one movie. It was no big deal that people were talking about movies and stuff like that. But this time it was different, first I was so surprised that they were talking about a Nepali film. Before was also there was crazy of films like this but this time it was totally different.

People were orally advertising of this film to see. I saw an ad of this film when I went to watch Don 2 in QFX cinema. But I though it would be another film which would be just categorised among other Nepali films which comes and goes and nobody noticed.

But I was wrong. This time people were really crazy about this film. Whenever I meet friends, they usually talked about the movie and tell me to watch this movie. Even one of my friend messaged me to watch this film and she told she had watched it twice. So my level of enthusiam really increased and finally I called my friend to hit the cinema to watch the film.

First she denied or show little ignorance as it was a Nepali film. But I convinced her as this movie has to be really nice. And we reached the theater. When we reached the there, we were shocked all the tickets were booked. We had not expected this since it was months after the release of the movie and still housefull. Only two tickets of front-row was available. So I quickly bought those tickets whereas my friend was still complaining about not to watch nepali film.

Later as the film start with a song “paisa ho paisa”. It was okay but eventually the film started we were so much into it that we just forget the uncomfortableness of our seats and all. And at last when the film ends my friend turn out to me and said “WOW!!! It’s a materpiece”. She really enjoyed. I and her like many others who are not fans of Nepali films are now fond of Nepali film.

If people makes films like this then we will certainly not watch English or Hindi films. Every show will be housefull. This film called “LOOT” really made a dramatic change in the way the tradition of Nepali Films. There wasn’t any scene or moment where we would feel boredom. And all the characters played in the film has made a full justice indeed. wallah!!.

And the item song from this movie called “udreko choli” really rocked youth of Kathmanduians!!!   Hats off to the maker and entire team of this film. Really looking forward for the films like this more to come.

Loot  is a 2012 Nepali crime action film written and directed by Nischal Basnet. The film stars young emerging actors from Nepal’s Film Industry Saugat Malla, Karma Shakya, Dayahang Rai, Reecha Sharma, Srijana Subba, Sushma Karki, Prateek Raj Neupane and Sushil Raj Pandey. The film revolves around contemporary Kathmandu, Nepal where five ordinary guys try to find quick ways to get rich. The movie is about a character named Kale( Saugat Malla )who along with other 4 guys plot to rob a bank in Kathmandu.