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Celebrate love-Valentine’s Day in Nepal

Valentine’s Day is called प्रेम दिवस or प्रणय दिवस in Nepali. Valentine is not the festivals or culture of Nepal. But with the popularity of western cultural impact, it is also celebrated in the most part of the nation.

Valentine is specially popular amongst the teenagers and youths. Different programs are organized in different resturants, malls and parks especially for the couples.

Valentine symbolizes love. The love between two people. But with the modernization of time. People has started to respect love not only between couples, but also between friends and family. The love between friends, siblings and family is also very important as they have been associated with you since your birth.

Many youngsters and teenagers wait for this day to purpose his/her love.

Some facts about Valentine

Valentine Day is always celebrated on the 14th of Febraury every year. Valentine’s Day is a Christian holy day, which is observed to remember a saint named Valentine. However, in recent years it has taken universal character as “Love Day”.

People in Nepal started celebrating Valentine’s Day from late 90s, when the international media entered Nepal in the form of television channels. The development of media, especially TV and Radio started in early 90s in South Asia.

However, now with the increase usage of social media and internet, people in Nepal started getting to know about Valentine’s Day . However, there is no official celebration in the country. Valentine’s Day is not still able to establish its celebration pattern as it is recently imported it. It is at a kind of growing process.