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Father’s day (बाबुको मुख हेर्ने दिन) celebrating today

Father’s Day is a special occassion in Nepal when children shows dignity and respect towards their father. Father, mother and teacher are given respect as of God. So to celebrate their importance, we celebrate Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Teacher’s day respectively.

This day is celebrated on Bhadra Krishan Aausi. Aausi means no-moon day.

Mother gives birth to the children and father is the protector and guardian of the family.

Father’s Day is also known as “Kuse Aausi or Pitri Aausi or Gokarne Aausi”. It is called as “Buba ko mukh herne din” in Nepali where Buba means Father, mukh means face and din means day. So its a special day to see face of father or which means to offer homage to the father.

In this day, children offer various sweets, hen egg, gifts and other various delicacies to the father. In some family, the ritual if performed on early morning with empty stomach whereas in some family it is performed on evening. Those married girls and women visits their father’s house for this day, carrying various delicacies, feasts prepared in her home along with different kinds of sweets. In the respond to the this father exchange blessings for his childrens.

Those who have lost their father will remember their father by offering daan to holy person. People also visit Gokarna to do the Sraddha or pinda daan to their deceased father. Some do Shradha at home or at the near river or at any holy place nearby. It is believed that by doing so the things that has been offer to the father will reach to him where-ever he is and with all puja he might get salvation.