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First episode of the serial Buddha on Zee TV


A serial on Zee TV called Buddha has started from today, 8 September, Sunday.

The serial is on the life story of Lord Buddha. It has presented Siddhartha’s illustrious journey of being born in the lap of luxury as a prince to his growing years to denouncing his throne and living the life of an ascetic to attaining ‘The Awakening’.
This mythological drama has been produced by Dr.BK Modi.


How the show starts?

The serial starts with the introduction about an ancient India. Along with the introduction, it introduces the legendary man  like Ram and Krishna who were born there. The need of those legendary man with the time has been introduced. As the story moves ahead, it said after Mahabharat, the cruelty, inequality, discrimination and injustice had filled the country. People were diverted from the path of justice and needed light to overcome their grief and the life of misery.

So the Lord Buddha have came to enlighten all the human race. But the story was narrated as if Lord Buddha was born in India. But the fact is that the Lord Buddha who showed the path of enlightenment to the world was born in Kapilvastu, Nepal. And the story has been depicted as in the Hindu religion. But Buddha and Buddhism has no connection with Hinduism. Buddha is not incarnation of Lord Bishnu. Buddha and Buddhism is totally different from Hinduism. The team of Buddha has done research but was not able to research enough. As in this way, the serial will depict false message to everyone who would follow the serial.

In the modern era, when people enjoy their company in the western culture and tradition. The media plays vital role to teach them about history, culture, tradition and great people who have contributed to human kinds. People believes what has been shown in the television.

Who is Dr. Bk Modi?

Dr. B.K Modi is the global Chairman of Spice Global, an Indian conglomerate headquartered in Singapore. He is also the founder member of Asia Business Council and chairman of Asia Crime Prevention Foundation’s India chapter. He was appointed by the United Nation as Coordinator for the Indian subcontinent for the Millennium World Peace Summit. Dr. Modi became a citizen of Singapore in the year 2012 and ranks 23rd in the Forbes list of Singapore’s richest.

On February 17, 2004, the US House of Representatives issued a Proclamation in appreciation of Dr. B.K.Modi’s efforts to promote deeper understanding between the two countries and congratulated him on his innovations and humanitarian efforts worldwide.

Dr. Modi has authored many books, including One God, Hinduism – The Universal Truth, Performance – A Manager’s Challenge and Whispers of Peace.

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