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Girl died due to burn after refusing marriage proposal

A 16 years old Shiva Hassmi of Bardiya, Gulariya Municipality died on December 12,2012 due to 90 per cent  fire burn.

She was burnt to dead when she refused a marriage proposal on December 9 by an Indian national named Babu Khan.  Babu Khan set fire after pouring petrol on her as she came out of her house at backyard of her house. When she screamed on pain only then her family noticed that she was burning in fire. Then they called their neighbors for help.  As fire was not into control. So they dipped her into the water after which it extinguished. But when they took out from the water. Her face was so burnt that it was not even recognizable.  She has got 90 per cent of burn on her body.

She was then rushed to Bheri Zonal Hospital in Nepalgunj. Doctors had advised her kin to take her to some other hospital though she was kept in the Nepalgunj hospital as her relatives would not afford medical expenses. After four days of the incident, she was airlifted to Kathmandu on Monday, when her kin received about Rs 1 lakh of donations from different organizations. Nepal government had also instructed to provide free treatment to her when she was kept in Kathmandu hospital.

This incident is very tragic and may no one face such incident again in future. But my question is “Is  Babu arrested for murdering an innocent girl?”. Some one can’t force anyone to get married. Getting married is personally depended on the will of individual.  It can’t be forced by anyone. And with such act it will just lower the humanity. I just suggest the concerned people to take some strong action regarding Babu on the charge of murdering a girl.

Most of girls we came to hear that they are burned or thrown acid for refusal of marriage purprosal but what about boys?? Why should girls suffer to such disasters.  Does it mean boys are free to do anything. To dump anyone anytime or marry another time. There should be a some strong rules in the country and a harsh punishment. Till when women will suffer?? Need an end.

I got some comments or messages  stating that this article is against the boys or men. I am  sorry if someone is hurt, specially men. I don’t mean that from now onwards girls should burn boys or throw acids on them. There should be gender equality and equal law to be implemented to anyone found guilty. If in some case if boys are victim due to girls, then she should also be punished.