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Load shedding increases as temperature lowers


Nepal Electricity Authority has again increased power cut hours. The authority is going to increase load shedding hours from Tuesday making it 9 hours daily with 63 hours weekly.

The new shedule of load shedding has been made out by the authority where people  have to face thrice power cut.

Earlier citizens of Nepal were facing 6 to 7 hours load shedding daily making 46 hours weekly. Effective from this time, there will be three time load shedding daily which till now was only twice daily.

As people have to face longer hours of load shedding when the schedule was twice a day. So it has further breaked down to thrice a day to make shorter load shedding hours.

As temperature drops increase cold waves and decrease water level in rivers, the load shedding hours was increased.

New Load shedding schedule: