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Unknowingly 7 months toddler felt off a moving bus, recovered alive

A seven months toddler has felt off the moving bus on a highway without acknowledgement of their parents. But the baby was found alive and unhurt.

On 21st May, Tuesday night, Bikash Mital and Mamta Mital of Rupandehi, Butwal Municipality 11 was returning home from the relative’s feast from Kathmandu in a reserved bus. A bus was filled with Mital’s family members and relatives. At night everyone in the bus felt asleep. And Metal couple also slept after observing their son has also slept.

On 6 A.M at Muglin, when everybody woke up with the sound of crowds and vehicles. The Mital couple noticed that their son was missing. They along with all the members in the bus searched for the baby but wouldn’t locate. After seeing the open window of a bus, everyone assumed that the toddler must have been felt off the moving bus. Everyone feared of the consequences that strike to the baby who has fallen off the bus when everyone else was sleeping on the bus. Then everyone returned to Kathmandu again in search of baby.

Then the couple went to police station to report about their baby missing. When the couple were there, police has already recovered a missing baby who was found by a trackor driver, alone and crying in an isolated highway.

So when the couple reported about their missing child, police brought their missing child. The couple wouldn’t controlled their joy as to see their loved son playing on the arms of female police women. They graped the child, hugged and kissed him. Police has also warned the couple to be aware while carrying a baby. Then they returned back happily.

Police has confirmed that they have faced such kind of incident for the first time. They have also termed the whole incident to be miraculous, that a toddler was alive and unhurt after falling down of a moving bus and later reunited with his parents.