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Festival of agriculture – Asar Pandhra

Celebrating the festival of harvest, Asar Pandhra is celebrated with lots of joy across the nation.
It is also called Dahi Chiura Khane Din (Day to have curd and beaten-rice).

Nepal is an agricultural country. So it is special day for farmers of Nepal to enjoy agriculture. And on this day, they enjoy by having beaten-rice and curd.

The month of Asar (June/July) is favourable for paddy cultivation due to rainy season. In this month, farmers are busy with cultivation of rice on hills and plains of Nepal. Farmers, and literally every Nepalese, consider the day as the day for growing quintal by planting kilos.

As food is the most important factor. So people celebrate this day as festival. They go to the paddy field, play with the mud and water and plough the field. Along with this they will eat beaten rice and curd, popularly known as dahi-chiura.

Asare bhaka or Asare jhyaure geet is the famous folk tune/song that is sung in the paddy fields during rice plantation this month. The day is well marked even in the urban cities at least by taking beaten rice with curd.