Awaken Nepal

Festival of Rato Machindranth resumes after construction


The longest festival of Nepal, Rato Machindranath festival celebrated in Newar community of Lalitpur was halted by devastating Earthquake on April 25.

The 12 years funfair of Rato Machindranath which was being pulled from Bugamati but the chariot was stuck in Thasikot, Lalitpur due to 7.8 earthquake which shook the nation.

Ever since the chariot of Rato Machindranath was not able to pull due to numerous aftershocks and “Malmass” on the month of Asad.

The chariot of Rato Machindranath was also damaged and have reached the condition that without re-construction, it was not possible to pull.

So on 23 July, Thursday the idol of Rato Machindranath was taken out from chariot after seeing proper date (Saahit) by priests and kept in a near by temporary place made by cater tins (Jasta-pata).

The construction of the chariot was started from 24 July, Friday.

The festival will resumes again after re-construction of chariot and installation of idol.