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Maha Asthami and Khuchi Bhey- 8th day of Dashain

The eight day of Bada Dashain is observed today across the nation as Maha Asthami. On this day, people offer homeage to Goddess Durga and sacrifies animals as offerings to deities.

The Astami night is also called “Kal Ratri” meaning the dark night. On this day, people perform religious rituals at the Dashain Ghars and offer worships to the goddess at various shrines. People also offer sacrifices of different animals as a deities to different god and goddess. They also read the Durga Saptashati scriptures.

Similarly, people who do not sacrifice animals offer sacrifices of coconut, egg, etc in place of animals. Kalaratri is also observed on this midnight, carrying out various rituals to pray Goddess Durga.

In Newar culture, Khuche Bhey is observed where different delicacies are prepared and all family members together have this feast.