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Rato Machindranath reached Jawalakhel


The chariot of Rato Machindranath reached Jawalakhel today. The longest festival of Nepal, Rato Machindranath’s Rath Jatra is coming to an end this year. The Rato Machindranath’s chariot which was at Lagankhel is being pulled on Tuesday.

The God of rain and harvest, Karunamaya or Rato Machindranath’s festival was started on 10th May, 2016 this year. The idol of Rato Machindranath was installed in the Rath (Chariot) on 7th May, 2016 at Pulchowk.

The chariot or “Bundhyo in Nepal Bhasa” was pulled from Tuesday to the different parts of an ancient Patan starting from Pulchowk. And the places where the rath of Rato Machindranath reached, the people in that particular place had observed feast or Jatra.

The Rath was pulled from Pulchowk to Gabahal and then Mahapal, after that it was pulled to Hakkha where it was rested for one day. And then it was pulled to Sundara and Okubahal, resting one day there too.

Rato Machindranath of Lalitpur

Rato Machindranath of Lalitpur

And then the chariot reached to Lagankhel. Then at Lagankhel, the chariot was rested for many days, more than two months. After finding appropriate date, the chariot was pulled to Jawalakhel.

On the fourth day after reaching Jawalakhel, Bhoto Jatra is observed.