Awaken Nepal

Alisha who died on earthquake came first division

SLC results were out yesterday. Only 47.43% of lucky students were able to cross the so-called “Iron Gate”. But being able to cross the Iron gate, Alisha was one of the unlucky student who wouldn’t hear her result of being passed in First Division.

Alisha Gwacha of Bhaktapur, had attended SLC exam but wouldn’t survived to hear its result. She was injured in the devastating earthquake on April 25 and she sccumds to her injuries on May 15.

She was a very hardworking student, who was always worried about her results, according to her school principal.

Her mother, Maiya Keshari told that she was always consious about her results even when she was lying on the bed of Bir Hospital after earthquake. She had serious injuries on her arms and legs when their house collapsed in earthquake.

Maiya Keshari, sobbingly told that her daughter had wished to celebrate after SLC by giving feast to all the relatives, even though she would be there or not. As she was very confident that she would pass the SLC.

On 25th April, when earthquake shook whole country, she was with her grandmother on the fourth floor. Grandmother died on the same day when earthquake collapse their house but Alisha was seriously injured.

She was not only the student who has lost their lives on the earthquake. There were many students who have lost their lives on the devastating earthquakes on April 25 with magnitude of 7.8 and on May 12 with magnitude of 7.4. Nearly 9,000 people have lost their lives in overall country with thousands of injured people.