Awaken Nepal

Cracked houses due to earthquake will be demolished by remote control

Earthquake on April 25 was devastating. It has taken lives of more than 8,000 people, hundreds missing till now. The devastating earthquake damaged a total of 462,646 houses.

Of the total structures, 67,181 houses in the Kathmandu Valley, 45,930 in eastern region, 200,862 in the central region, 145,428 in the western region, 3,195 in the mid-western region and 50 in the far-western region have been damaged.

Some houses have been collapsed to ground but some are cracked. People can’t live in such cracked houses as they can collapse at any time and demolishing such houses are also a tuff job.

Nearly 2,000 houses in Kathmandu Valley needs to be demolished which are damanged by earthquake.

Nepal police can hardly demolish 4 and half stored building but not taller than that. Its hard for Nepal police to demolish such concrete building without appropriate equipments.

So Kathmandu Metropolitan has started process to buy these equipments from foreign countries, according to some sources.

These equipments are called “Concrete Cuter” and will be controlled using remote. These equipment will be lifted from cranes to the top of building and will cut the concrete buildings.

Trained technicians from foreign country will guide to operate such equipments who will also trained Nepalese workers.

With the help of such equipments tall concrete buildings can be easily demolished. It would be also usefull to demolish those buildings which were built without government’s authorities.