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Fair price shop opened from today – Festive Season

With the biggest festivals in the corner like Bada Dashain, Tihar and Chhath, the government has set up fair price shops in 36 different places across the country from today.

The Ministry of Supply (MoS) has announced that fair price shops will be set up on the premises of Salt Trading Corporation (STC) in 13 different places within Kathmandu Valley, and STC’s regional and depot offices in 23 different places outside the Valley.

STC, has provided some discount in salt and sugar of five and two rupees per kg respectively and cooking oil at Rs 107 a litre. Moreover, it will also be giving attractive discounts on 78 different types of food items that it sells.

Nepal Vegetable Ghee and Oil Manufacturers’ Association is providing 300,000 litres of cooking oil, of which 100,000 litres will be provided to Nepal Retailers’ Association (NRA) to be sold at Rs 107 per litre and the remaining 200,000 litres will be provided to STC to be sold through the fair price shops, according to a media release issued by MoS.

NRA will be selling 5,000 sacks of sugar at discount of five rupees per kg and 3,000 sacks of salt at discount of two rupees per kg.

Fair price shops in Kathmandu

Moreover, mobile fair price shops will be operated through three vehicles in the main markets around the Chakrapath areas of the Valley. Anyone can buy up to three kgs of salt and six kgs of sugar through the mobile shops.

Nepal Food Corporation will be providing special discount of up to Rs 10 per kg on rice and beans. Similarly, additional Rs 10 per kg discount will be provided on the rates set for goats and chyangra.

Similarly, Dairy Development Corporation (DDC) will be providing discount of Rs 10 per kg on sales of ghee and five rupees per kg on paneer through its distribution centres.

Moreover, Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has already reduced the price of cooking gas by Rs 50 per cylinder for the festive season.

Bhat-Bhateni Supermarket has also announced heavy discount on altogether 260 food items — 84 types of lentils and beans, 89 types of spices, three types of cooking oil, 24 types of rice, 10 types of noodles, 23 types of Nepali tea and 27 types of flour. NRA and other retailers have also pledged to provide as much discount as possible to facilitate consumers, as per the MoS statement.

Such fair price shops are set up every year before the festive season by the government to controll the market price of food items. These fair price shops, will be in operation till November 7 and open from 10:00am to 6:30pm.