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New driving license test resumes from today

New driving license resumes from today which was postponed for sometime as the order from the court.

As lots of people driving their own vehicles to get their destinations which results crowdy roads and unmanaged vehicle system. The Department of Transport Management has come up with new system to acquire driving license from Tuesday, 23 April, 2013.

But a single bench of Justice Bharat Bahadur Karki issued the order in response to a writ petition filed by Creative Driving School that had challenged the new system and sought apex court order to continue the previous system for obtaining driving licence.

The newly introduced skill driving license test was said to be tougher and more scientific to ensure that a person obtaining driving licence will be able to translate the trial rules into practice for road safety. Until the enforcement of the new trial system, four-wheelers were required to make a ‘T’ and two-wheelers had to pass through poles kept few feet apart from each other in a zigzag motion without touching them.

As per the new skill test provision, a person taking the licence test for a two-wheeler is required to go through a prescribed zone shaped like the Arabic number ‘8’ accompanied by slopes, U-turn, rough roads and narrow trails in compliance with traffic signals and indicators in five minutes. However, the time-limit prescribed for four-wheelers is not exceeding 10 minutes.

Trial spots were constructed on the premises of Trolley Bus Station in Min Bhawan and National Trading Ltd, Ramshahpath. Unlike in the past, examinees are not allowed to take their personal vehicles for the test now.

Officials had managed adequate number of brand new vehicles through a contractor and examinees were required to pay a prescribed fee for the same. Since the introduction of the new trial system, majority of licence seekers have failed the test.