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New rule to get driving license

If you are going to get driving license then its not going to be easy now.

The Department of Transport Management has stated that now only passing in written and trial exam for getting licence is not enough. One must pass “road test” to get a driving licence.

What is Road Test?

Road Test is a test where one must drive vehicle on road for one hour with authorized person. Only after passing this test, one will be eligible to hold a driving licence.

Earlier or till date, one must sit in written exam. And after passing written exam, trial exam is held. Immediately after passing trial exam, one is issued with licence card.

But now this is not enough, after passing written exam, one need to give Handling Test, Road Test and Traffic Awarness Test.

If failed in Road Test only, one need to give re-exam of other tests but not written test.

This new rule is going to be implemented in few days, according to the department of Transport Management.

To adopt more scientific way to issue license, such tests are going to be implemented. In the most of developed countries, driving licence are issued after passing such tests.