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New System for getting driving license

As lots of people driving their own vehicles to get their destinations which results crowdy roads and unmanaged vehicle system. The Department of Transport Management has come up with new system to acquire driving  license from Tuesday, 23 April, 2013.

There are two phase of exam as before, one is written and another is practical. But before written exam includes only objective questions whereas now objective as well as subjective questions need to be answered to pass the exam. Before it was easy to pass written exam whereas now its hard. You need proper study materials and need to study hard too.

And for practical test, it will be taken at the premises of Trolly bus office in New- Baneshwor. As per the new rule, all the aspiring drivers will have to pass  through the trial test in ‘8’ shape instead of the ‘T’ shape as practiced earlier.

Likewise, motorcycle and scooter riders too will have to pass through five blocks.

So now, it is much harder to owe a license as the rules gets stricter. The new rules has been amended to develop a good driver to minimize the road accidents too. We just hope that new rules would  develop more dedicated drivers and helpful for the public too.