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Online Jyotish service for the first time in Nepal

Don’t stay in line, but go Online. Now-a-days you can shop, book rooms, make reservations, etc through online. Since people are very busy now-a-days, they don’t want to travel or go from one shop to another to find what you want. So technology is bringing everything in a distance of click.

Just click and there you go make reservations or order clothes or may be food. Now beyond this, a group of young entrepreneurs have started a new concept which will promote our culture and tradition but in a modern e-style way. Isn’t that cool? Yes obviously, when tradition meets technology, something awesome is created like

PujaSewa, is the one and only one-stop online puja and jyotish servies provider in Nepal. It is started with a belief an innovative online puja and astrology services will fill a gap that has been felt by the people in all parts of the country.

PujaSewa is the service for planning and conducting all types of pujas along with home delivery service. Just give a call at 01-6922926 or send an email at Rest will be handled by the staff at PujaSewa. For more information visit or

At present, the services are limited to areas in and around Kathmandu Valley. However, the company is planning to expand its services all over Nepal in the near future. PujaSewa services are offered at a reasonable price. Payment can be made through bank, e-Sewa or by visiting the company’s office at Mid-Baneshwore. Payment of puja samagris can be made only after their delivery.

If you want a puja to be conducted at famous temples like Pashupati, Dakshinkali, Maitidevi, etc., PujaSewa’s priest will conduct the puja at the desired temple on an auspicious day and time along with the delivery of all puja samagris at the desired site.


Not only this, if you are curious about your future then it also provides Jyotish services as well. PujaSewa’s Jyotishis highly trained on Vedic astrology, based on your janma kundali or cheena (birth chart) can accurately predict your future. What you have to do is fill out a form at wherein you have to provide your birth date and time. Highly accurate predictions will be delivered to you via email.

PujaSewa is an unique concept to keep youngster in touch with our century old tradition and solve mysteries of future by future predictions.