Awaken Nepal

Quake changes geographical position of some places

KATHMANDU: The Department of Survey said that the geographical position of the Kathmandu Valley and adjoining places has slightly changed due to the April 25 earthquake and its frequent aftershocks.

The Department carried out study at Nagarkot, Lakhedanda, Swoyambhu and Phulchoki in Kathmandu and at Kumaridanda in Nuwakot.

As per the study, the landmass at Nagarkot, Phulchoki, Lakhedanda, Swayambhu and Kumaridanda has been found shifted towards the south-east direction by 1.82 metres, 0.92 metres, 0.99 metres, 1.64 metres and 1.71 metres, respectively.

Information Officer at the Department Anil Marasini said that the survey of the land said to have shifted due to the effect of the ‘Gorkha Earthquake’ is on with support from the Colorado University of the USA.

“We carried out a study of five different places affected by the earthquake some days after its occurrence. Now, we are carrying out a study of 25 main places across the country with the support of the Colorado University,” Marasini said.

According to him, the observation of the different earthquake affected areas in Nepal was carried out as per the global positioning system from 13 different places as Hong Kong, Lhasa, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kazakhstan, Oman and Mangolia, among others.

Director General at the Department Madhusudan Adhikari said the department has collected the exact data on the damage caused by the earthquake from 17 of the affected districts with the support of different organisations and it has uploaded it in the department’s website.

“We have prepared the maps and included them in the website so that it would be easy to take the relief and carry out rescue in the quake affected areas,” he said, adding that they have also informed the Legislature-Parliament committee for the purchase of basic equipment and materials needed for preparing the maps and for the survey.