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Rule changed to get driving license

The Department of Transport Management (DoTM), Ekantakuna, has changed its trial layout test for driving licenses.

In the old method, the examinees had to first enter the shape of number eight (8), drive through the shape of ‘U’ before ending at the T-shape parking.

But now as per revised practical exam, it will start from T parking while the rest is the same, according to Republica Online.

This decision was takent to control the excessive number of service seekers. Previous layout of ‘8’ shaped consumed a lot of time. According to the new rules, only those who clear the T-shape step will be allowed to drive through the shape of 8.

DoTM believes with such changes, it will lower the excessive pressure of the examinee.

An examinee had to wait for around 8 minutes while undergoing trial as per the previous layout, while under the new rules, the examinee does not have to wait for more than 3 minutes.

The rules have been changed as per the direction from the DoTM.

The trial for driving license test is conducted at Baggikhana opposite of western entrance of Singha Durbar.