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Russian sex workers in Nepal


Russian women who has adopted their profession as sex worker are wandering from country to country in search of new clients and to earn money. And from few sources it came to know that now they are in Nepal. They have arrived Nepal in tourist visa and are found in the most of five star casinos. In those different casinos, they have made their work stations and searching for clients.

From the source, it has also came into light that they are charging Indian Rs.10,000 for Indian citizens and US $100 for the other countries citizens.

They are working in different casinos and living in Thamel. Many people agreed that Russian prostitutes have arrived and working in different hotels. Some casinos have attracted many clients with those elements too.

Even thought prostitution is not regarded as honor job and most of women adopting as one gets hatred from the society. Most of women are forceful made to work in those areas whereas some women choose this as profession by their own will to earn money and enjoy life.

Even inside the Nepal, it is assumed that Nepali girls adopting profession as sex workers have increased who have came to Kathmandu in search of  jobs and higher education.

This really seems Government of Nepal needs some strong implementation of law and rules which would prevent such people and their unwanted jobs. Otherwise, it would lead to some negative impact on the society of Nepal as well as tourist who visit Nepal too.