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Nepali migrant workers rescued from Dubai

Four Nepali migrant workers have been rescued from United Arab Emirates by Nepal Police in coordination with the Nepali Embassy. Those workers have been facing labour exploitations and life-threatening situations.

Birendra Sahani (32), Rabindra Sahani (30) and Dhamani Kumar Sahani (30) from Mahottari district as well as Malati Malla Thakuri (20) from Kawasoti-4 of Nawalparasi district were rescued and brought to Nepal recently.

According to the Metropolitan Crime Division of Nepal Police, complaint was filed by Birendra and Rabindra’s uncle, Sanjay Kumar Jhapa. They have stated that work were not given as per the contract in Dubai.

Further, they were not paid on time, forced to work for more hours and put in the environment where their life could be in danger.

All three had arrived Nepal on Monday.

Further investigation is underway.

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