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Rajesh Hamal engaged in-front of media in Kathmandu


The Superstar of Kollywood, Rajesh Hamal got engaged in a program organized at Shankar hotel in-front of journalists and media.

Rajesh Hamal introduced his girl friend, Madhu Battarai and gave her his mother’s necklace, ear-rings, bracelet and ring.

The bachelor Hamal is no more bachelor now. The hot question to the Hamal about his marriage is finished. He has also announced that they will have a reception on May 28. It is the date when both met each other for the first time nine years ago.

The picture of Hamal’s parents were kept on a table along with flowers, wine, etc. The whole idea was designed by Rajesh Hamal himself. While Hamal was busy on engagement, a couple of artist played violin and the singer Rajesh Payal Rai sang a romantic number to give a romantic background score.

After the engagement, Hamal spoke to journalists, answering their questions with humor. When one journalist asked that wasn’t it very late to get married for Rajesh Hamal. Hamal answered that Rajesh Hamal will never get old.

While journalists were showering Hamal with questions, his fiancee kept silence not talking to journalists.

Watch video below: