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Selena Gomez fear of being single forever


Selena Gomez, 23, seems to given up on looking for love. All those years being on and off with Justin Bieber, 22, really did a number on her and she’s just not ready to have her heart broken again.

“Selena has seen some writing on the wall that her having a relationship in the future is going to be very, very hard. She has joked so much to friends that she is going to be single forever that some friends are actually believing it,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“She is very apprehensive in trying something new or being set up because she believes it is doomed to fail from the start for a plethora of reasons. She covers those emotions up though by always working, she now wants to be continuously busy whether it is with her tour or doing films. It gives her an excuse to not stress on meeting a guy,” our insider adds.  Get the deluxe edition of Selena’s album Revival by clicking here.

After her years-long on-again/off-again romance with Justin seemed to finally be over for good, it looked like she might find happiness again with One Direction‘s Niall Horan, 22, only for that to be short-lived. Selly has everything in the world going for her – looks, talent, money, success – but the only place she seems to keep coming up short is in the man department.