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SLC begins from today

SLC (School Leaving Certificate) or so called Iran Gate in student’s life begins from Thursday.

This is the first year when result of SLC will be in letter grading system.

According to the government, it has made all preparations to evaluate the answer sheets using letter grades from this year. No student will be ranked as failed, but they will be assigned grades based on the quality of their performance.

Although the mark sheets will be issued with letter grades, the answer sheets will be checked as per the traditional method using numbers. “We are unable to check copies under the letter grading system due to a huge number of students,” said the OCE officials. “Along with letter grading system, ledgers of marks obtained will be maintained as in the previous years.”

According to the Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE), a total of 615,553 students, including under regular, exempted and technical category, will take the SLC exams being held from March 31 to April 11 throughout the country. “We are ready to hold the exams smoothly as all preparations are done,” said Krishna Prasad Kapri, controller at the OCE.

The exams will be held at 1,943 centers, deploying 1,943 superintendents, 2,978 deputy superintendents, 25,556 invigilators, 13,274 helpers, and 29,145 security personnel.

Of the total examinees, 289,709 boys and 325,844 girls will appear in the examinations this year.

Number of examinees will be the highest in the Kathmandu district while the least number of students will appear from Manang district, according to the OCE. There will be 36,866 students taking examinations in the Kathmandu district, while only 75 will sit for the exams in Manang district.

Officials of the OCE have urged all to help cooperate with the authorities to conduct the examinations in a fair and peaceful manner.

“The exam centers can be cancelled or students who involve in cheating can be rusticated or expelled from the exams,” warned officials.

The results of the SLC examinations will be published within three months as per letter grading system, according to the OCE.

The European and American countries practice letter grading system.