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Waiting for Iphone 5s


Iphone are always facinating. The iPhone and its newer version are always talk of the town. After iPhone 4S it was iphone 5 and now its iPhone 5S.

Iphone 5S is expected to announce next month. But Apple fans can’t stay idle so searching for information on possible new smartphone. At the same time all the iPhone users are also thinking what to do with the one they already have.

Dealing with secondhand phones can be big business, and reports, including one from 9 to 5 Mac on Monday, have revived speculation that Apple may be looking to tap into the market itself. TechCrunch, in fact, reported Monday that Apple has already been piloting a trade-in program in some stores.

The company started a recycling program in 1994 that now lets users send the company their old iPods, mobile phones, Macs and PCs — sometimes in exchange for Apple gift cards.

According to the sources, Apple will release two new iPhones. One is a more incremental update to the iPhone 5 and another is less expensive phone considering that consumer are approaching lower costs Android smartphones.

As new iPhone series is on the way to release. Different functionality has been came into light by different spectulations. CNET noted that the camera on the iPhone 5S is  is expected to have a larger aperture, improving low-light snaps. In addition, the report said that some expect a much bigger 128GB storage option for the 5S and that there’ve been persistent rumors that the new phone will also have a fingerprint scanner.