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Documentary on Dec 16 Delhi gang rape

The Nirbhaya documentry titled India’s Daughter is a documentry based on unfamous 2012 Delhi gang-rape which has shocked entire globe. A story of a 17 years-old girl who was brutally attacked and raped by six men on a travelling bus.

The documentary is directed by BAFTA award winning British filmmaker Leslee Udwin and features the interviews of Nirbhaya’s (name changed by media to protect victim’s identity) family, doctor, lawyers and one of the rapists(Mukesh Singh).

But this documentry has been banned in India which is quite shocking, isn’t it?

Following the ban, Leslee Udwin has approached the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

“India should be embracing this film- not blocking it with a knee jerk hysteria without even seeing it. This was an opportunity for India to continue to show the world how much has changed since this heinous crime; sadly, the FIR and the banning of the film will see India isolated in the eyes of the world. It’s a counter productive move. Whoever is behind this – please see the film and then come to a conclusion”, according to Udwin.