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Women killed on charge of witchcraft

Parwati devi Chaudhary, 45 was beaten to death on Thursday night on the charge of practicing witchcraft. The family members has lodged a complaint with the police on saturday on Supauli VDC-9.

Parvati was assaulted by a group of villagers on the charge of casting ‘evil spell’ on Pratima Chaudhary, her neighbour’s daughter.They told Parbati to quit the village at daybreak on yesterday for practicing witchcraft.

At night, someone said a goddess inside Pratibha had asked them to remove the soul from Parbati’s body. After that, Pratibha’s mother Paswati and her son went to Parbati’s house, and took her to a rice mill near Hattisar. Paswati, her son and some villagers thrashed Parbati. Locals had locked up her husband Bhagan and his daughter inside their house.

While police held Pasapati Devi, Sima Kumari and Renu Devi for interrogation on Friday, Deputy Superintendent of Police Basudev Khatiwada said they won’t disclose names of the culprits on the grounds that they might flee.

By yesterday morning, all the males of Hattisar had fled, fearing punishment.

Pratibha, a BA third year student had been suffering from headache for the past one year. She had returned home two days ago. When she complained, her parents spread the rumour she had fallen ill after Parbati cast a spell.

The victim’s family received the body of Parwatidevi on Saturday after post-mortem at the Narayani Sub-regional Hospital, Birgunj.

Bhagawan said he could not report the incident immediately as “he was being held hostage by the villagers involved in his wife’s murder”.